Lost in Expid: HTML5 Video Game

This is a demo game made with RPG Maker MV. It is only 5% complete, but it is a proof of concept of what can be done with HTML5. Go to Https://cheng.media/gameĀ  to see the game. Game Start Fighting the void

ArizMATYC Conference 2010 Video

This video was at the landing page of the ArizMATYC Organization’s conference webpage (now at http://arizmatyc.org) for their 2010 conference, which was held at Pima Community College. We filmed it on location, and I edited it with Avid Media Composer.

FISH! the Quiz

A silly project from 2010 stemming from watching the FISH! Philosophy videos, and wanting to make our own in Pima Community College. There were many people involved in this project, and I want to thanks every one of them for participating in this video.

A Door to a World of Art

This video won the 2010 Bronze Award from the Public Relations Society of America in the documentary category. It is about the paintings of Joseph DiGiorgio (1931-2000) that were inspired by the Tucson desert, and are now in the care of his friend Dan Leach.

2011 All College Day from PCC

Every year I was commissioned to create an open to the ceremonies of All College Day with Pima Community College. This video was the last one I did for them. It combines an open/hook (in a separate video), a traditional slideshow, and a final part made of multiple green screen shots. All of those were… Read More

Desire2Learn Bridge Course

This 2011 project was created to get faculty acclimated to a new learning management system, from Blackboard Vista to Desire2Learn. This version has both the preview hook, and the tutorial afterwards. It used a combination of an iMovie trailer, and a Camtasia video with some extra parts made with Adobe software.

Basic Sofrito Recipe, a mixture for sauteing

Sofrito is a group of ingredients blended together to make the cooking process faster, and makes many dishes taste better. Just saute some sofrito before you add other ingredients, and you will have your best meal in ages. I did eyeball the ingredients, so if you are not sure, a good rule is to use… Read More

Pima Community College 40th Anniversary Video

This promo was aired for the 40th Anniversary of Pima Community College. It was aired in their channel, and in cable. Some of the footage was shot by me. The end motion graphic was done with After Effects, everything else was with Avid Media Composer.

Fake One-Minute Commercials

These fake commercials were for an assignment just to show that I can put together one-minute advertising pieces. We had to use iMovie for them. Someone told me recently that the videos didn’t seem to show that the solutions were implemented. At the time I felt that we couldn’t fix life situations, we could just… Read More